THE Love

We have popped a few comments we have received from past clients below, or, jump over to our Google page or Facebook page for recent reviews.

Kate Rowlands Marquis | September 2015 | Full internal repaint including furniture

I wanted to say how thrilled we are with the work Matt did – it looks amazing, he did an incredible job!  And the fact that you brought the job in under the original budgeted amount (even with all the extras) is an added bonus.

The combination of professionalism (bringing a job in on time and on budget) as well as craftsmanship seems to be a pretty rare thing these days.  It was a pleasure working with you, and we’d definitely be happy to recommend you to anyone who is looking for a painter.  The estate agent who sold us the house has been by and he reckons that we’ve increased the value by $25K just by painting and changing the floors – that’s a pretty good ROI in my mind.

Charles Marais | November 2014 | Full internal repaint

Thanks for your willingness to remedy those wall areas where the paint didn’t perform as expected. Taking into account your excellent workmanship, I really feel that it was an unforeseen addition to your scope of work.

Through the years in my work and also in my private life I have been used to very aggressive retaliation in the construction industry when I’ve tried to point out a couple of things I wasn’t happy with. Your reaction was quite the opposite, very humble, focused on client service, and you’ve maintained integrity.

Dru Soltys | Marriage Celebrant | May 2014 | Office design and install

Sooooo… After Ummmming & Ahhhing for weeks about a new design in the office, I finally bit the bullet – and built up the courage to hand over the keys to my new best friend Kirsty. I left the whole concept up to her, with the simple instruction to get rid of everything except my yellow chairs. (because they make me happy) Oh, and as I walked out the door I also said “I’m not afraid of colour, so go nuts… But… Keep it professional”.

OMG! How happy am I? After spending the last few weeks on the road travelling everywhere from Margaret River to Bali for weddings, it’s SO good to finally come back and spend time in such a gorgeous, comfortable and relaxing office environment.
Thank you Kirsty, you ROCK! I LUV this creative space and you’ve absolutely blown me away. You got my personality to a TEE! Even setting up a little change-area so I can straighten my tie and do my hair before I go to weddings!

Meryl Carter | Interior renovation specialist | July 2013

I have known Matt for three years and he is one of the most proficient, highly organised, and professional painters I have worked with.  Matt is not a painter but a reliable painter.  He has perfection in everything he does and his articulate nature ensures all painting works are 11 out of 10.  He has a lovely nature and great personality and I would recommend him to anyone wanting a perfect paint job.