The Final Chapter

Our old lady was passed to us in September 2014. Derelict, unloved and empty for years, she had seen a lot in her 70 odd years and needed to be rescued.

We have spent the last 6 years lovingly restoring her, creating a warm, cosy family home. We love her, and the experience and knowledge she has given us throughout our journey.

Over the years we have discussed when the time would come that we would pass her onto someone else and how hard we would find that. Would they love her like we have? Would they love her quirks, aged beauty and unique style? Would they appreciate and understand the need to preserve our young country’s housing history instead of bowling them over?

We did not think it would be possible to have a fitting ending to our time with our old lady. Surely there could be no conclusion to the story that could pay homage to the time, love, sweat, blood, laughs, tears and heart we have invested in her.

But then there was.

We knew the time had come to move on and we had been actively keeping an eye out for our forever home located in a very specific, small pocket with a fair few ‘must haves’.

We found a beauty that we did not think could possibly ever be ours, she ticked all the boxes and more and most importantly, she felt like home the moment we walked in the door. A plethora of groups at the home open made us shrug our shoulders and say, its worth a shot but we are subject to sale, we will be beaten by a higher, clean offer. Upon chatting to the real estate agent we explained our situation and he asked us where and what we were selling, to which he responded, this is exactly what the seller is looking for.

I said, “Could it be?!”

He said, “Could it?!”

And it could.

After viewing our old lady, our new homes current owner accepted our offer and subsequently placed an offer on ours. Thus the great house swap of 2020 (and probably ever) was signed and sealed.

A very spiritual human, I feel the moments leading up to this, for both parties, were quite simply, all part of the plan.


As the final chapter begins I would like to take you on a walk down memory lane. It’s worth the time, come inside with us…

Pretty in Pink.
Oh hi there, welcome to our fixer upper!
Our first viewing.
Black is the new black.
We will really miss our Velux skylights.
Note to whoever chose this.
Soft apricot cream was never the new black.
Our black bi-fold window is one of our favourite and best decisions.
She’s just lovely in summer.
Just for good measure the wooden blinds here actually reached the floor. Another style that never quite took off.
Our living room featuring Winter, a dog who is part goat and whose hair will be found in, under and on this house for many years to come.
Before my clever husband built in the doors and made a new door. This also featured the only AC in the house.
I know you want to know if we kept it. We didn’t.
The wee mans bedroom.
Our daughters room
This was how we inherited what was to become Hollys room. When you want to block the entrance to a bathroom just put a cabinet and mirror in the bathroom, it is genius really.
Technically a study, we use this room as Noahs bedroom.
It leaked. Which we discovered when we had a massive hailstorm a few weeks after moving in. When we say sheets of water, we mean, it was a waterfall.
This form of ceiling also has not taken off.. sensing a pattern?
Our master
Fun fact, that small wall hanging was actually a cover to a perfect circle.. to the outside. Is it a bird door? Is it ventilation? I guess we will never know.
Our Ensuite
This was the worst room of the house. It even came with its own concertina door, in proper horror film style.
As well as skirting board to ‘finish’ the shower and a light in a vent.
Just miles ahead of their time.
Leading into the main bathroom and laundry, we reconfigured the original floor plan to separate the rooms and build a hallway. We also created a study nook.
Main bathroom, she is a beauty
Although I am going out on a limb by saying, it probably wouldn’t have been hard to improve from what we started with.. more ick
Our light filled, gorgeous laundry
Not hard to improve …
Our small but beautiful patio
The first and last purple picket fence I hope to ever see
Look, I know no one cares about a side of the house but when you see the before you will understand why the comparison had to be documented.
Oh and that gate. Termites. But not anymore. Thank you Envirapest!
What we saw. What we knew we could save. What many would have bowled.

And now for the ‘blooper’ reel.

When you pull down the laundry walls and discover most the timber crumbles in your hands. They were hungry little termites. They are all dead now. No survivors. RIP.
Survivors were few and far between.
Omelette anyone?
This looks fun. It wasn’t.
We offer child labour opportunities.
Gymnasiums – T&C’s .. not compliant
Around 40 hours to make this floor level. This guy rocks.
Making new doorways and building walls.
Pregnant activities to keep fit and all.
More child labour opportunities. We like to cover all areas of construction. No safety barrier in place #babynumber3
When your husband says you can have a pink front door. Winning.
We all love demo day.
Wondering how he will be fed now there is no kitchen.
Roping in Pappy
Late nights sponsored by red wine.
Early mornings sponsored by coffee and puffy faces.
Knowing you married the one for you. There is no one I would rather be under the house hauling 300kg of old timber and rubbish with.

The Final Chapter

As we say goodbye to our little lady, we look back and know 3 things.

  1. We had no idea what we were in for.
  2. We wouldn’t change any of it.
  3. We are incredibly proud of us.

To Iona, the lovely Scottish lady we are handing her over to, we know you will love her and, in turn, we will love the home you raised your family in.

A fitting end to a wonderful journey.

And that folks, is a wrap.

8 thoughts on “The Final Chapter

  1. Congratulations you guys, beautiful journey!
    I remember Kirsty, you telling me in high school, I want to do what your doing one day.
    You achieved that, and some!
    A beautiful testament to very hard work and dedication.
    The difference being, you finished yours.
    All the best for your new journey.💕💕

    1. I do remember that Deb! I always loved your Vic Park house and have find memories coming over to find you painting or sanding back something. Thank you, we are so excited for our new beginning and just delighted our old lady’s new owner will love her like we have xx

  2. Beautifully written Kirsty. I will miss
    youbeing on my doorstep. Best wife ever. But I am oh so happy for you all and your new forever home. Xxx

    1. Stop it Aly, you’re making me all welled up ❤️ I’ll still be your wife and now Sammy has a place to go from Zadens when you can’t be bothered collecting her. See, still your wife 😊 xx

  3. What a absolutely amazing outstanding transformation, having seen first hand as The Pappy in the photo , I’m beyond proud and humbled by the sheer effort vision and time that has turned the old lady into a masterpiece, what a family pulling together can achieve is testament in this awesome renovation. Love you all Pappy & Karen xxxxxxxxx

  4. What magnificent transformation Matt and Kirsty!!!
    You guys are the Best, and Deserve a Medal!!
    Well done, and good luck with your next Project!!

  5. What a wonderful journey! I wish you documented this onto a YouTube channel. Would’ve been fun to watch!

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