THE Ensuite Renovation | Part 1

What an eyesore this bathroom was!

It was the ensuite to our daughters room & we decided to change the entrance so it will be our ensuite. The room we choose for ourselves was larger & more suited to be the master bedroom.

This is the photo from the Real Estate advert

Before 1

Looks somewhat scary on here, however, in real life, the location from a scene from a Saw movie (running joke but so true!) Here are the true photos..

2014-12-14 09.03.49 2014-12-14 09.03.272014-12-20 11.54.53

Pretty horrible huh?

Our first obstacle was determining what products contain asbestos and whether we could actually carry out work ourselves or hire a professional asbestos contractor.

After loads of research we determined that the internal walls were in fact horsehair plasterboard and the external walls were asbestos. As we were only demolishing the internal walls we were safe to proceed.

In our case, this is what the horse hair plasterboard and asbestos looked like. Asbestos is present in many building materials so please note, this is our case only.

 2015-01-07 10.40.1320150107_104003

So, the stripping commenced! Pulling down the internal walls showed the bathroom underneath, 80’s tiling & a different shower location. Pulling off another layer & ripping up the floors & we were at a clean base to start.

2014-12-20 11.54.442014-12-20 15.50.142014-12-20 15.50.232014-12-20 15.50.27

Our good friend popped over & disconnected the existing electrical switches & the ceiling is ready to be pulled down & replaced. As much as I love the stained mould look I can’t wait for a new one 🙂

Next job was changing the entrance. Using jarrah pieces my husband had ripped from existing walls, he built a frame & knocked up a piece of gyprock to seal the wall. Once this is painted you will never know it was a leather constantina door (again horror film worthy!)

2015-01-04 12.56.042015-01-04 16.56.41

Then came the unnerving experience of cutting a new doorway. Luckily, the frame-work was easy to work around & the horsehair plaster easy to saw through. Much to the horror of my husband I work in thongs, Australian safety 🙂

Taadaa.. entrance to our room!

2015-01-04 13.06.372015-01-04 13.14.382015-01-04 13.22.00

The cost so far has been minimal, the skip hire, tools, flooring & gyprock has totaled just over $500. Around a $2,000 saving based on quotes to strip the room, level the floor & relocate the entrance. Winning!

Follow our blog for regular updated on this renovation, complete with budget tips, advice on designing a small bathroom & where to spend the money.

Happy renovating!

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