THE Living Room | Our Fixer Upper

When we purchased our fixer upper there were three selling points, it was in the suburb we wanted, the price was far below entry price to the area for the size of the home and it had amazing original floorboards (the only thing the previous owners had failed to damage).

We saw past the holes in the walls, mouldy bathrooms, falling down fences and saw a beautiful old lady in need of some love. Love we were prepared to give her. Our very own Block.. minus the renovation money and national fame 🙂

In this post we would love to share our living room overhaul.

I loved this space as soon as I walked into it. It was a cosy size that was just big enough for our tribe (4 legs included) and of course THE floorboards! This room boosts the original cornices which are a funky square wave – smitten.

Downfalls were of course the old air conditioning unit that was surprisingly cold when we tried it (odd!). This ugly addition to the home sported exposed plaster and ventilation (holes) to the outside… a must go!

There were some questionable wooden blinds hanging from the hinges and a wooden shelf that had absolutely no purpose in an odd section of the wall. There were also double doors that opened to the dining room, these were cumbersome and were taken off immediately.

Our living room pre Maxted love ..


2014-11-05 17.26.23

This old beauty just needed to be unscrewed, shoved out and a new piece of smooth gyprock .. can’t say I miss walking into the room seeing this 🙂

The ceiling and walls were in major disrepair and required a large amount of skimming, filling and sanding. As you can see from this image, the walls and ceiling and of course, my beloved cornices are looking like new


Now for the fun part – decorating!

Matt and I love adding old with new and overhauling old treasures to give them a new lease on life. I never shop based on brand, I shop based on what I love, this could be something I find at the recycling yard or Ikea, my Aunts shed, East West Designs or online gems like Hard to Find and West Elm.

You’ll note that with most interior styling I recommend a light wall, yes, all four of them, no feature walls and adding pops of colour. I find this is the easiest way to change your decor and to be honest, I just love seeing colour against crisp white.

I’ve had these white leather couches for years and they are wiped down daily – children, animals and white do not mix well – but in saying that, at least they are always fresh and clean and no gremlins can hide in the fabric.

I have a true love for pink, however, since meeting Mr Painter, I’ve had to dramatically pare the pink decor back and have instead used shades of blue, green and splashes of black to add interest.



As mentioned earlier, I love mixing old with new, creating vignettes of items that have meaning to us. My great Aunts rocking chair, a roadside side table I painted, vintage crystal, Ikea Audrey print, my two favourite interior books to date and budget cushions are all in this wee void shown below.







The following piece of artwork has a beautiful story. Whilst rummaging through the Polka Dot Markets I stumbled upon this painting. I LOVED the frame and showed my painter. He shook his head and said, Mum and Dad had this very painting in their bedroom my whole life and Mum still has it up now. We had to buy it. Now, all the way in Derbyshire England, this same painting hangs in my mother in laws home. Kind cool huh?




Decorated, lived in and a treasure trove of memories lurking in the corners. The perfect place to put your feet up.

Happy living .. and not a scary air conditioning unit in sight!

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