THE Ensuite | THE Grand Reveal

Well, this bathroom renovation has taken bang on 4 months to complete. There has been blood (yes, blood), sweat (definitely), tears (umm yes), laughs, inappropriate boozing on the job, swearing (me not The Painter, sorry Mum), dirt (my lord, the filth of the roof!) and some pretty well deserved high 5’s, all taken place in the tiny 3.5 square metre space.

To refresh your memory, this is what it looked like when we purchased our fixer upper aka ex drug dealing house ..

A rather fetching ceiling .. complete with ingrained mould ..

2015-02-07 10.48.28

An innovative take on a shower recess, who knew skirting boards could be used to frame a shower? Points for ingenuity although I’m not sure it will catch on ..

2014-12-14 09.03.49

The photo shopped Reiwa photo, did I mention heavily photo shopped?

Before 1

We rebuilt the room, completely. New floor, ceiling, walls, plumbing, electrical, built-in the existing door and cut a new one, no mean feat.

2015-02-07 11.46.25

Once we had a brand spanking room we hired the best tiler in Australia (and possibly the world) Marko from Promark Tiling. He did such a brilliant job for us, laying our beautiful timber look floor tiles and tiling to the roof with white 600 x 300 gloss ceramic tiles.


We couldn’t find a vanity we loved so we created one ourselves. Now, you should note that both The Painter & myself are strong-minded folk, with firm visions and creative streaks so creating a vanity we both loved was tricky. The tap ware we choose was modern but neither of us have a modern style so we decided to incorporate timber to bring back a touch of rustic and to tie in the floor tiles.

Marri is one of our favourite timbers, ironically, the worse the piece the more beautiful (in our opinion). The reason being, it needs more resin, which means more black, more grooves, more character, exactly what we were after. We enlisted the help of Daz and Mason from Dazzas Jarrah Marri to make us a Marri bench top, shelf and mirror.

2015-04-13 16.06.53

We popped this on top of white gloss vanity cupboards from Ross’s Discount Home Centre and then finished the vanity with our rather indulgent purchase of an Italian basin from Studio Bagno. We love the completed look and the way the black tapware ties it all in.

IMG_3098 IMG_3065

Speaking of tapware, we are besotted with the black shower head and mixer from Meir. Both of us not being fans of displaying shower goodies we ultimately would have preferred a recessed shelf, but unfortunately the cavity in the walls was not deep enough to allow for a recess. Therefore we decided to attach the shower shelf underneath the mixer, this gives a clean view of the beautiful shower tapware without the sense of clutter from the cleansing products.


For lighting we choose the most delicious pendant from Freedom. This globe and cord is from their mix and match section and was affordable as well as adding that touch of vintage I like to include in my styling.


Now, remember that horrid ceiling, the one with the mould? Well this is what it looks like now, with a rockin’ new cornice and super sonic downlights ..


All in all, we love it. Here are some of our favourite snaps ..

Day 1!

2014-12-20 11.54.33

Possible boozing whilst doing the plumbing fit off..


Deciding to install the shelf, forgot to take of work shoes..

2015-04-21 11.29.53

Crashing in that horror bathroom ceiling

2015-02-07 11.12.15

And finally, being able to style and photograph our new ensuite, its been a blast! Thanks for coming along on our ensuite renovation journey, next up – the exterior – apparently we are becoming landscapers? Hopefully we will agree on the external paint colour without too many casualties … til next time, Kirsty & Matt


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