THE Ensuite Renovation | Part 2

Who would have thought tapware could be so much fun? For a while now I have wanted black tapware. It’s chic, sleek, sophisticated and makes a statement. What is not to love? Living in Perth, we are quite restricted with being able to physically view a product if it is not standard. Whilst many companies advertise stocking black tapware I found none that had any in showrooms or readily available. So, I hit the online stores and came across Meir. I was immediately impressed with their attention to detail and cutting edge design, not a standard tap in sight. We wanted a rainwater shower head and settled on this Matte Black shower head, the arm boasts an interlocking ball that locks firmly into place, ensuring no sagging or movement of the head. Functional and slimline gorgeousness in one – winning!


Next we needed to select a shower mixer. In keeping with the square, slimline head we selected the Matte Black Square Shower Mixer. The finish on these products is nothing less than exceptional with even the back plate being solid brass.


Basin mixer time! Again, we needed to keep with the square theme, but also needed a tall mixer to allow for a high set basin. This Tall Black Mixer was the answer. Being 25cm high, it easily clears the basin, which will stand proudly against a backdrop of white, becoming the feature it deserves to be.


Now, I purchased these beauties and sat back, eagerly awaiting their delivery from Victoria (where cool, stylish things are, Perth has the beaches!). Whilst happily going about my afternoon I receive a phone call from the owner of Meir. This lovely man apologies profusely, apparently I had firstly spent enough to be eligible for free shipping, which the checkout had not applied and secondly, was also eligible for the sale price, also not automatically applied. He advises me that he will refund my Paypal account immediately… $250.

This company declares on their website that they will provide exceptional service, I believe the happy dance I performed once I hung up the phone proves they went well above exceptional on this occasion.

My gorgeous new additions have arrived, and I am utterly in love. I simply cannot wait to have them installed once our renovation is complete.

In the words of the infamous Coco Chanel “I imposed black; it still going strong today, for black wipes out everything else around” – Coco Chanel I dare anyone to argue with the words of this indomitable woman.. buy black!

2015-01-29 16.11.54

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