THE Ensuite Renovation | Part 3 | Building a room

So, possibly the most satisfying job we have performed in this renovation to date is the kicking out of the existing bathroom ceiling. I used to liken this room to a scene from Saw or Psycho – the mould had run down the walls from the ceiling, creating an almost dripping blood like effect. When the time came to kick this baby out I was beyond excited and slightly nervous.. What bones would we find in the roof? Would we find cash left behind from the days our home was a drug lab? Would we contract some deadly disease from the contents of the foosty, filthy, decrepit insulation? So many questions!

2015-02-07 10.48.50

2015-02-07 10.48.28

So, we masked up, hit the roof space, sat perilously on the beams, counted to three and kicked, kicked, kicked! Covered in dirt and 5 minutes later we were without a ceiling and feeling immensely satisfied!

2015-02-07 11.07.34

2015-02-07 11.08.38

2015-02-07 11.12.152015-02-07 11.25.43

Our next step (after a high 5!) was to measure & cut the gyprock which would be the new ceiling. This is a small space, only 1.7 x 2 metres so we thought it would be easy enough to attempt. Surprisingly, it was easier than expected.

My super clever husband, The Painter, made props from left over wood so we had something to hold the new gyprock in place before drilling the screws in. We each climbed a ladder, hauled the gyprock up and lodged a prop in each side – a fair whack of screws later, we had a ceiling!

2015-02-07 11.46.25

2015-02-07 13.36.03

After this achievement we sat back, gave ourselves a pat on the back, had a cold beer and contemplated the existing window. This window was an original, jarrah frame and would have been a beauty in her time. Unfortunately, the placement was uneven and she required a lot of work to restore her glory. It is also a small space and using the only external wall for a window was using up valuable space. So we decided to knock it out and build it in. Gasp you might (as many have) but I am pleased with our decision, we are going to have some pretty great new lighting and I’m truly excited that I can have a very cool and large black towel rack instead.

The Painter built-in the frame and closed it in, showing off some quite impressive carpentry skills

2014-12-20 15.50.142015-02-25 19.32.50

Next was installing the new floor (old one was rotten and uneven) and some fresh new gyprock walls. Now I can’t take any credit for this, whilst I was out in the world of styling and running weddings over the weekend, Mr Painter knocked up some new walls, no mean feat considering the jarrah framed house is structurally uneven.

2015-03-05 12.59.0320150305_125926

Now we have a room, a lovely, clean, fresh, brand spanking room! Unfortunately we did not locate any stashed drug money (maybe next room?) but we did get dirty and saved ourselves around $2000 in labour costs. Money that is getting well spent on an Italian basin, custom Marri bench top and a rather delicious pendant from The General Store.

Stay tuned folks, next update we start on the fun stuff – timber look floor tiles and the trials and tribulations of wanting materials that aren’t in a standard bathroom shop.

I’ll leave this post on the note that I’m pretty damned proud of my husbands new carpentry skill – THE Painter | THE Stylist | THE Carpenter coming to your homes soon 🙂

Happy renovating!

THE Stylist

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